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After a career as a grade school and high school teacher, framing carpenter, finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, and home builder, and an onset of arthritis in his hands, Dan Norris continued his education and went to law school in 1983. He completed law school at the University of Cincinnati and began his legal practice in 1986. Immediately he began taking cases relating to personal injury, medical malpractice and general business.

Our practice began on Glenway Avenue in Western Hills, across from Elder High School, in a simple two room office. The following year, Dan utilized all the skills acquired in his prior careers to renovate a beautiful old building at Observatory and Glenway Avenue. The practice moved into this building, and Dan began to have a growing interest in the combination of law and medicine.

Even prior to becoming an attorney, Dan's interest in assisting the disabled community was nourished by his wife's work at Legal Aid of Cincinnati, Ohio doing disability law. With the birth of their second child in January 1990, this interest became very personal. Their son was born with profound mental retardation, which took Dan and his wife on a new career as parents of a disabled child. This helped develop Dan's knowledge of and interest in the legal issues surrounding the disabled.

From 1987 through 1993, Dan had the privilege of representing many large businesses, banks, and complex commercial litigation in both federal and state court. This gave him great understanding of how the court system was able to deal with complicated legal issues. At the same time his experience and interest in medicine and law progressed, as he began taking on Social Security disability cases along with personal injury and medical malpractice. By the summer of 1993, in practice with six other attorneys in Western Hills, Dan's Social Security practice outgrew its office location, and we moved to a downtown location, and began focusing exclusively on Social Security disability.

In the following years, the practice became the elite Social Security disability law firm in Cincinnati, and in the next five years at our downtown location we had the privilege of serving over 2000 clients. During this time, Dan began his professional association as chairman of the Cincinnati Bar Association, section on Social Security disability law. In that role he began lecturing and teaching seminars in both the legal and medical community at Cincinnati Bar Association, Children's Hospital, University Hospital, and numerous clinics and medical practices throughout the tri-state.

At this time we had the opportunity to develop strategic relationships with these medical providers, helping them to understand their role in assisting their patients in obtaining the medical disability benefits they were entitled to. In June 1993 we moved out of downtown Cincinnati to an office on Gilbert Avenue, across from Eden Park. This location at the historic cable house in Walnut Hills allowed even greater access for our clients throughout the tri-state. During this period of time, our presence in the legal community grew, as did our staff and physical facilities. We had the privilege of having up to 20 individuals working with our firm as employees, paralegals, attorneys, and other professionals.

It was during this time that we began and completed the intense process of changing our paper based company into a paperless office. This process took about three years and involved systematically scanning tens of thousands of files into our system databases, and purchasing and designing software to allow all of our personnel to access any client file from any computer terminal within our offices. This step allowed us to substantially streamline and upgrade the efficiency and accuracy of the development and care of our clients' Social Security disability cases.

During this time we also continued to develop our partnerships throughout greater Cincinnati with organizations providing services for our clients, such as Hamilton County Job and Family Services, who helped provide monthly benefits, food stamps and Medicare for our clients. Organizations like the Drop Inn Center, the Free Store, Tender Mercies Homeless Shelter for the mentally disabled, Joseph's House for homeless veterans, and Bethany House. Danm also continued his outreach to the legal and medical community by continuing to to provide teaching and training for attorneys, judges, doctors, nurses, social workers, and other supporting staff.

Again during this time in the Walnut Hills area, we began to identify the trend in technology toward developing a way to allow us to utilize many resources outside of our law firm by advancing technologies through Internet phones and Internet-based legal services. We reinvested hundreds of thousands of dollars into systems that allow us to use virtual assistance and contractors to assist our clients in obtaining medical records to support their case, and to expand the outreach of our services to clients across the country through use of the Internet as a virtual office.

This progression of technology continued in direct partnership with the Social Security Administration. With this strategic partnership, we had frequent ongoing exchanges with top people in the Social Security courts, to develop an electronic relationship and to increase the accuracy and speed of resolution of our clients' Social Security claims.

At the same time, Dan's personal investment in the disability community grew as his young son grew into a 6-foot-5, 230-pound teenager, dealing with the many challenges of a parent servicing, loving, and caring for an adult disabled child. In addition, two other members of Dan's family experienced disabling medical conditions, resulting in a new level of challenge and understanding of the disabled and the incredible responsibilities of the supporting family.

On July 1, 1997, D.W. Norris Co. LPA became a virtual law firm. Understanding the critical nature of progressing technologies, and being very excited about the possibilities it provided for convenience care and efficiency in caring for our clients, we closed our brick-and-mortar office in Walnut Hills. This opened a new era in legal work by providing our virtual assistance, virtual paralegals, virtual medical record developers, and others across the web the privilege of serving our clients from the convenience of their computer and telephone.

This exciting transition continues on a daily basis to allow us to provide unique services to our clients without the client having to expend the time, energy, and financial resources to come to the traditional lawyer's office. We are able to serve the clients from the comfort and safety of their own homes. We are able to provide them access to a national legal system, without having to deal with the stress of more appointments to prepare for. Through a mix of Internet connections, voicemail, and paperless digital technologies, our clients have the absolute best mix of personnel to help them with obtaining these Social Security disability benefits they have paid for throughout their work life.

This new legal/business paradigm is the core of who we are at this time. In addition to this, our personal understanding of the many issues facing our clients is developed through the personal lives of our business associates who experience those issues through the care of their own families. This new paradigm also allows us to help clients across the country deal with these issues. With access to computers and the Internet, Internet telephones, and other technologies, we can service clients across the country.

This new business model is an important part of who we are on the Internet. It provides us a niche that is different than other legal professionals out there. Our core employees have combined history servicing the disabled community for over 60 years. We have had the honor and privilege of representing over 10,000 clients and assisting them in dealing with every conceivable medical impairment and mental disability. We have successfully won over $100 million in benefits for our clients.

One subspecialty we have acquired in the social security disability area is in representing children. As a result of Dan's personal experiences with disabled children, our professional relationship with Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati, Ohio, Children's Hospital, and other supporting agencies, we have become the preeminent authority on Social Security disability law for children. This subspecialty of Social Security law is extremely complex and vastly different than representing adults. We work hand-in-glove with schools, healthcare providers, and mental health professionals in developing, analyzing, and counseling parents dealing with disabled children.

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