Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of professionals has over fifty years combined experience handling Social Security matters. We promise to provide professional service in your pursuit of the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions that our clients ask:

What if my initial claim was denied?

  • If your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, you have appeal rights; our staff will assist you in completing the forms.
  • Your appeal must be filed within 60 days of the date on your denial letter.
  • If your reconsideration is denied – the next step in appeals process is a Hearing.

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What information do I need to provide to you?

Your cooperation and assistance are very important. We will need all medical forms including:

  • Dates of treatment, doctor and hospital addresses.
  • Health insurance claim numbers.
  • Keep a journal of any changes in your condition, on the CLIENT LOG provided.

Proper completion off all medical forms increases our chances of winning your case.

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What services do you provide for me?

  • We will notify Social Security that we are representing you and submit any new evidence.
  • We will set a conference with you to talk about the hearing, who will be there, what will happen.
  • After we win you benefits, we will monitor your case until you are paid.
  • If your case is denied, we will review your options.

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What is the time table for processing my disability claim?

  • Initial disability application – it takes approximately 6 months to receive a decision.
  • Reconsideration – it takes approximately 6 months to receive a decision.
  • Hearing – it takes about 12-14 months for a Hearing to be scheduled.

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What is a Hearing?

  • A Hearing is an informal meeting with an Administrative Law Judge.
  • Both, the Judge and I will ask you questions.
  • It usually takes 60-120 days after the Hearing to receive a decision.
  • Your first payment of benefits is usually received 30 to 60 days after the decision notice is received, which is 60-120 days after the Hearing.
  • If the Hearing is denied we will discuss your options.

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What are the top reasons that Social Security claims are lost?

  1. A denial from Social Security: Failure to tell us IMMEDIATELY of your receiving it. We must have it in hand to help you appeal the case on time and keep it on track.
  2. Current phone numbers and address: Failure to keep us informed of yours. Call us and tell us FIRST. DO NOT TELL SOCIAL SECURITY until we tell you to.
  3. Medical and mental health treatment: If you do not get ongoing treatment. Without strong current evidence to prove your level of sickness, YOU WILL NOT WIN. Lack of medical insurance is not an acceptable excuse. You must use the available medical options, even when they are limited or difficult to use. Call our office for a list in your area. IF YOU SMOKE, THE JUDGE WILL DENY THE CLAIM BECAUSE THIS CIGARETTE MONEY CAN BE USED TO PAY MEDICAL CO-PAYS and get you medical help.
  4. Changing doctors and failing to tell us prior to switching: If you know your doctor will change, or your medical insurance changes and required new doctors. CALL OUR OFFICE BEFORE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CURRENT DOCTOR IS OVER. The time to get a report and records from that Doctor is before or right after your last visit.
  5. Ongoing part time work over allowed amount: Failure to advise our office. We strongly encourage you to attempt part time work. Your can earn up to $800.00 per month and still qualify for Social Security. If you are making more than this, and you fail to keep us informed, your claim will be turned down.
  6. Smoking, smoking, smoking: The information is available and clear. Smoking causes and makes worse many disability conditions. If you have a failed back surgery, DVT, neuropathy, Diabetes, Obesity, COPD, Cancer of any kind, and many, many more conditions, AND YOU CONTINUE TO SMOKE, Many Judges will deny your claim. “IF YOU ARE THAT SICK YOU WOULD STOP SMOKING.” Get help to stop. Talk to your Doctor. All people you live with should also stop.
  7. Lying to your attorney and the judge: Lying about your medical and mental health treatment, your criminal history, alcoholism, and illegal drugs use. We will have your records, WE KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED, And SO WILL THE JUDGE. The best way to deal with a difficult past is to lay it out there. If it is addressed upfront, we can work around it and still win your case. IF YOU TRY TO COVER UP PAST PROBLEMS, IT WILL SINK YOUR CASE.
  8. Any ongoing illegal drugs, excessive drinking, or use of someone else's prescription: If you have an ongoing history of PAIN MANGEMENT for any reason, treated by prescription pain medications, and you continue to use illegal drugs, two things will happen: Your doctor will STOP treating your pain. The Judge will DENY your claim. THAT ONE JOINT CAN HURT YOU! Don't Do It!!

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What are some of the keys to winning a Social Security claim?

Medication: You have to get help. Without current and ongoing medical and psychological treatment, We cannot win your case. Do whatever it takes to document and treat your physical and emotional problems.

Communication: With D.W. NORRIS CO. LPA: We love your emails (YOUR NAME in subject line, Phone calls: 513-665-4040 or 1-800-665-4039.

  • Questions? Contact US.
  • Social Security contacted you? Contact US.
  • Phone numbers or address are changing? Contact US.
  • Denial letter received? Contact US.
  • Hospital visit or tests? Contact US.
  • Doctors changing or insurance? Contact US.
  • Working – part or full time? Contact US.

With your Doctors, Therapists and Case Managers:

  • Medical and emotional problems? TELL THEM.
  • Problems getting them medications? TELL THEM.
  • Medication side effects? TELL THEM.
  • Losing or changing insurance? TELL THEM.
  • Trying to quit smoking? Need help? TELL THEM.

Documentation: If it is not written down – it does not exist.

  • Diary – On a calendar, write all doctor, hospital, and therapy appointments.
  • Log – Use our Client log to write your story as it is happening.
  • Medical Records – if we can't read them we can't use them.
  • Other documents and papers – keep them in a box.
  • PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES – Your scars, surgeries, swelling, weight gain/loss, sores, change in house setup. ANYTHING YOU CAN DESCRIBE is better with a picture. Help us tell your story! Make sure the date on your camera is correct.

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Our Primary Areas of Service Include:

The Cincinnati area:
Butler, Brown, Clermont, Hamilton, Warren, Adams and Scioto

Southeastern Indiana counties:
Dearborn, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland

Northern Kentucky counties:
Boone, Campbell and Canton